A Place Where the Sun Shines the Brightest  – Baler, Aurora, Philippines

Baler is one of the top destinations here in the Philippines. It features the best sunrise and sunset, perfect site for surfing, amusing historical places, wonderful scenic views and peculiar tourist spots.
Baler is found in the province of Aurora, Philippines. It is accessible by bus or private vehicle and is labelled as one of the “top surf spots” in the Philippines.

Our trip to Baler was unusual, most of the time; you stay a day or two to some of the destinations to savour each moment, but we visited 9 destination places in Baler for just 10 hours excluding our trip from Baguio which was 7-8 hours. And I assure you, it was a great jam-packed adventure.

5:00 AM– Perfect time for walking along the beach and witnessing the sunrise at Sabang Beach.
6:00 AM– We had our hearty breakfast, after that, Kuya Rommel, our accredited tour guide/ tricycle driver fetch us.

6:30 AM- Arrival at Ermita Hill. Ermita Hill is situated in Mt. Dibudalan at Sitio Dicaloyungan, Barangay Zabali, Baler, Aurora. According to Kuya Rommel, this place was said to be a safe area when tsunami occurs, Ermita Hill was historically the place of settlement of the people in Baler when “Tromba Marina” devastated the whole municipality last December 27, 1735. Beside from its interesting history, it provides a magnificent view of Baler Bay, Diguisit Beach and Aniao Islets.
7:30 AM- We went to the Diguisit Bay and Aniao Islets.
The Diguisit beach is kilometer long semi-white sand beach. It is a serene place and perfect for photo-op. During low tide, the rock formation is seen, you can walk through the rocks, but extra care is needed because it is sharp and rough rocks.
The Aniao Islets are magnificent rock formations located near the shores of Diguisit Bay. The Aniao Islets has smaller rock formations, it is the best place to relax and feel the breeze since it is a tranquil place.
8:00 AM- Diguisit Waterfalls. It is a waterfall that is found just beside the road, you just need 2-3 minutes to climb and see its main falls.
Digisit Falls
8:30 AM- Baler Hanging Bridge. It is a very long hanging bridge connecting Brgy. Tibang and Brgy. Sabang. In here, you can see where the sea and river meets. It is fun and exciting.
Hangging Bridge (1)
Hangging Bridge (2)
9:00 AM- Historical walk to Museo de Baler/ Baler Church / Donya Aurora Aragon-Quezon Ancestral House
Baler, Aurora is not only visited for its beaches at tourist spots, it is also visited because of its rich history.
The Museo De Baler lets you taste history, tradition and culture of Baler. This museum contains the most important pieces in the town’s history.
Just a few steps from the museum is the Baler Church (San Luis Obispo de Tolosa), this is where “The Siege of Baler” happened. We weren’t able to enter the church since we are wearing inappropriate clothes.
The Donya Aurora Quezon Ancestral House is just near southeast of the Baler Church.
10:30 AM– Millenium Tree. At 600 years old, this enchanting is a must visit attraction because it is the oldest tree in the Philippines and the largest Balete tree in Asia. Its enormous trunk is equivalent to 62 men holding hands with arms outstretched. The tree’s thick roots developed a cave where you can enter.
Millenium Tree (1)
Millenium Tree (2)_Fotor
11:30 AM– The Ditumabo Falls/ Mother Falls.
Kuya Rommel guided us going to the Mother Falls, from the drop-off point, it is approximately 2.6 kilometers and you need to hike 30-40 minutes to see the famous falls. While trekking, you need to cross rivers, walk through narrow passages, climb some boulders and see series of mini falls. I really enjoyed it, getting there was easy for me compared to what I have been experiencing in some of the falls I visited.
After the trek, we saw the captivating falls. It is the highest waterfalls I have seen in my life, towering 140 feet. It has a really strong current that is why you can’t really enjoy the swim in its 15 meter pool, you cannot even stand straight or stand for a long time because you will be flowed away. You cannot also take a perfect photo because even at a far distance the water splashes to you. Its water is cold, the waterfall is surrounded by cliffs and several floras especially vines and shrubs.
2:00 PM– Sabang Beach. Since we finished early, Kuya Rommel asked us if we want to go back to Sabang beach until 4:00 PM, we agreed and didn’t miss the chance to feel the strong surfing waves Sabang beach has to offer.
That 10-hour adventure was really worth it. Baler is very vibrant, each place you go has magic, from its sunrise to sunset, from its beaches to mountains, it is indeed the place where the sun shines the brightest.

Travel Details:
Getting there: (from Baguio City)

  1. Fare- 260 php- student
  2. Bus- Lizardo Trans, their terminal is at Slaughter House. There are only 4 available trips, we had the last trip which was 2:00 PM

Accredited Tour Guide and Tricycle Driver

  1. Kuya Rommel Buencamino- 09382760737
  2. The accredited tour guides in Baler are tricycle drivers; you can contract them for a whole day trip which is worth 800 php.

Place to Stay:
We brought our own tent and stayed at Baywalk Tent City and Cottages. There are cottages there where you can rent for reasonable prices, but for us, they charged us 100 php per head since we have our own tent and will just be staying for short hours. Baywalk Tent City and Cottages is located at Sabang beach, beside Costa Pacifica.

Entrance/ Registration/ Environmental Fees:

  1. Museo de Baler- 30 php per head, including the entrance fee for Donya Aurora’s Ancestral Hous
  2. Millennium Tree- 20 php per head.
  3. Ditumabo Falls- 30 php per head

Going Back: (to Baguio)

  1. Fare- 260 php- student
  2. Bus- Lizardo Trans, the last trip is 5:00PM at Baler Bus Station.


When we visit a place, let us all adhere to the motto:
“Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time. Leave nothing but footprints.”
If you have questions, ask me and feel free to leave comment in the comment box.
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