BoliNow or Never?

I really have a keen idea of one-day fun-filled adventures, so we visited one of the trending destinations in Pangasinan – Bolinao.

Bolinao is the last town and a 1st class municipality in the province of Pangasinan. It is the home of Patar Beach, the most popular among the pristine beaches in the beautiful province of Pangasinan.



Baguio to Bolinao:
There are no direct trips from Baguio to Bolinao when we went there, what we did was to ride a Victory Liner bus going to Dagupan. From there, we rode an ordinary bus going to Bolinao.
But recently, Partas bus (Governor Pack road terminal) offers a direct trip going to Bolinao. It was approximately 4-5 hours travel time.

Manila to Bolinao:
Only Victory Liner at Cubao Terminal and Five Star Bus in Pasay Terminal are the available direct trips going to Bolinao. Travel time is 5-6 hours.
*The primary transportation within the town is tricycle. When you arrive at Bolinao Terminal, hire a tricycle to bring you to your choice of destination. Fare rate from Bolinao town proper to Patar is 250PHP (good for 4 pax).

And for us, we acquired a one day tour service to Kuya Jerry Comilang (09089215971), the tour costs us 900 PHP. We are only 2 when we visited the place, I suggest you to come in groups to be more budget-friendly.


Bolinao Falls 2
Bolinao Falls 2 gives clear and cool waters. An entrance fee of 50PHP is collected and if you wish to stay longer, cottage is available for 200PHP. The falls is a perfect spot for swimming and diving.


Bolinao Falls 1
Unfortunately since it is summer, we weren’t able to see the water roaring. I’m sure this is more magnificent once the rainy season arrives. It is also a good site for diving. When we arrived there, numerous groups are already having their good time. Cottage is also available and a 20PHP entrance fee is collected.


Bolinao Falls 1 and 2 are far from the town proper, expect a rough road ahead. Both falls are being kept very clean, please be responsible enough to clean after yourself. Going to these falls provide visitors a place to commune with our nature.

Enchanted Cave
Enchanted cave offers a time with nature, small pools to enjoy, encounter with some animals and hammocks for you to relax. You can stay here for a long time since the place is big. You can swim inside the cave too. Life vests are provided once the area is visited. The only drawback to this place is the entrance fee which will cost you roughly around 150-200PHP, which is very expensive. But of course, the fee collected is for the maintenance in preserving the place.

Wonderful Cave
Entrance fee is 100PHP (bit pricey) and a parking fee of 20PHP. Wonderful cave is another great place for swimming and relaxing. The water is definitely crystal clear. However, limit your expectations going in this place, since the cave can only accommodate a certain amount of people because of its small area. There is also a limited space to keep your things. The smell inside can be foul due to bats.


Patar Beach
Patar Beach is the most famous beach in Pangasinan. And what’s amazing about it is that, there are no entrance fee collected to savor this place. Strolling along the seashore will give you a chance to enjoy the white powdery sand that the beach offers. The sea breeze will really relax your mind and soul. Catching sunrise or the sunset is also recommended.


There are lots of place to stay in Patar Beach, make sure to have an advance booking when you plan to stay there.

Travel Tips:

  1. Hiring a tricycle driver as a guide will definitely save you a lot of time. But be aware of drivers that scheme you with prices, tricycle tour will only cost you around 800-1000PHP (4 persons maximum).
  2. Better bring your own food, the food offered by the vendors are quite expensive.
  3. Go on weekdays where there are less tourists, large crowd ruins the mood.
  4. There are other destinations in Bolinao for you to see, research and check them out!
  5. Try different resorts too.

Bolinao is one of the paradise of the north. It will truly mesmerize you! So visit this magnificent place or it will be BoliNow or Never.

When we visit a place, let us all adhere to the motto:
“Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time. Leave nothing but footprints.”
If you have questions, ask me and feel free to leave comment in the comment box.
Thank you for reading, please check my other blog entries too!

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