Boracay is overrated?

We, Filipinos, when asked about what’s the best place to visit in the Philippines, we often answer- Boracay. Most of us wanted to go to this place. Most foreigners list Boracay as their top destination in the Philippines.
Boracay is an island located in the province of Aklan. Recently, Boracay was dubbed as one of world’s ‘best’ islands including Cebu and Palawan. But also, it was often regarded as ‘crowded’, ‘mainstream’ and ‘overrated’.

Multitude enjoying Boracay’s sunset.

We went to Boracay for summer vacation, yes it was ‘crowded’- people all over the world visit this place because it is admirable, it is a perfect place for holiday and truly, it has the finest sand, the surreal sunset and the beach itself is superb! Yes, it is also ‘mainstream’ and ‘overrated’, because this place is just too marvelous for words.

How to go there?
There are 3 ways to get to Boracay:
1. The fastest way is a flight from Manila to Caticlan which will take you 50 minutes to 1 hour. But the airfare is quite expensive. From Caticlan airport, you need to take a ferry or boat ride for 15 minutes only going to Boracay.
2. Second is a flight from Manila to Kalibo, it is cheaper compared to the 1st option but you need to take a van or bus ride for 1.5-2 hours to get to Caticlan Port and ride a boat for 15 minutes to get to Boracay.
3. If you want something new and cheap, try Roro ferry (Batangas-Caticlan), it will cost you around 1000 php including meals but will take you about 18 hours or more of travel.
We took the second option as our choice.
Upon arriving at Boracay Jetty Port, hire a tricycle and ask them to go to your hotel. They will charge you 60-100 php for this.

What to expect there?
Islands of delight
Upon arrival, you will immediately appreciate the powdery white sand beach and the turquoise water. What will really amaze you the most is that Boracay offers convenience and comfort, you can just find everything you need there.
The beach consists of 3 stations: Station 1, 2 and 3.

  • Station One is where you can find high end hotels. This is also where Willy’s Rock is located.20160728_113420
  • Station Two is the center point. The best area for swimming is station 2, since boats are not allowed in this area.
  • Station Three is the most laid back, more relaxing and less crowded. This is where we stayed.

Food Trips
There are many restaurants to choose from, so say goodbye to your diet and try all the delicious foods and best restaurants Boracay has to offer.
Visit the Budget Mart at D’Mall and go to D’ Talipapa too.

Adventure Unlimited
Boracay is adventure unlimited there are numerous fun activities that you can try while you visit this place. These are the activities you might want to try (we tried many of them!), caution: they are all exhilarating and not for those who have a weak heart.

  • Helmet Diving – Php 600.00 per head
  • Banana Boat – Php 300.00 per head
  • Kayaking- Php 150.00 per head/ hour
  • Windsurfing- Price starts at P7000
  • Parasailing- Php 1500.00 per head


  • Cliff Diving- conquer your fear of heights in this activity
  • Snorkeling- is a must do activity

  • ATV Ride
  • Zorb and Zipline- Php 400 per person
  • Fly Fish
  • G-Max Reverse Bungee- this is a very extreme activity. It will literally make you cry by just watching it from the ground.

  • Mermaid Swimming- You can have sessions of lesson and rent your tails at the Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy for P1500.
  • Pub Crawling- meet new people and have fun memories with them for only 800 pesos!

Some activities will require you to go Bulabog Beach. It is a beach few steps away from the White Beach.

Bulabog Beach

Night Outs/ Clubbing and Party
If you think your nightlife experiences are the best, try the night life scene here at Boracay. Some clubs are themed so you can choose where to party. The alcoholic drinks and spirits are cheap too.

Just the night before we depart Boracay.

If you want to chill and relax or have a drink with your companions there are numerous place to go while having a fun conversation and feel the cold breeze of wind at night.

Island Hopping
One of the highlights of going to this place is this activity. Island Hopping which includes snorkeling is php 3,000.00 medium boat / group of 10-12 persons.
Crystal Cove is one of the islands to visit. You need to pay 200 pesos for the entrance fee.
There are plenty of caves to visit in here too. The water is refreshing and clean.
We also visited the Puka Beach, it is the second largest beach in Boracay. This island is a “must go” it is one of the best beaches I’ve seen.
Travel tip: Upon arrival, explore the beach, some of the distant stalls that sell drinks and foods offer cheaper prices. You can buy it for around 50-60 php only unlike for others which has price range of 200-250 for a glass of smoothie. When you buy some of their drinks they can offer you their chairs or cottages for free.
Taking it Easy
Of course, Boracay is one of the best place to relax. And also, don’t miss the sunrise and sunset, it is one of the wonderful things you can see in Boracay and it’s free.

Serenity. This is the morning view just in front of our hotel.

Others Fun Tips
Try Henna Tattoo
Stroll at night time. Boracay is vibrant at night.

Fire Dancing

Don’t miss the sand arts!
When is the best time to go there?
The peak season is from December to February it is better to visit these months since there will be no rain and you can enjoy the beach and feel the hot and sunny weather.

They said that Boracay is overrated. But I will absolutely assure you that Boracay being “crowded, overrated and mainstream” will not bother you once you get to see this stunning place.

Travel Details

  • Accommodation


La Isla Bonita Resort, Restaurant and Spa


White Beach Front, Boat Station 3,

Barangay Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island

Malay, Aklan, Philippines


+63 0918 962 6098

+63 0999 812 9950

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Contact Person: Kuya Peter – 09284007209


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