Little Boracay of the North – Potipot Island, Candelaria, Zambales, Philippines

When you hear the place “Zambales”, you will often think about the famous coves, the creamy white sand beaches, the pristine waters and the alluring sky. But more than that, Zambales offers islands which can be one of your destinations.
One of these islands is the Potipot Island in Candelaria, Zambales. Tagged as “Little Boracay of the North”, Potipot Island boasts its white to light brown powdery sand and turquoise clear waters.
Potipot is a perfect choice for it is a beach bumming paradise and also, a great option for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. Its name was from the phrase “puti po” which means puti– “white” and po is a term Filipinos use to convey respect to the person they are talking to.
Option 1:

  1. Take a bus to Sta. Cruz, Zambales. (Victory Liner Bus)
  2. Go down at Uacon Town Plaza.
  3. Take a tricycle to the jump-off to Potipot Island.
  4. Take a boat to Potipot Island. The travel time is about 10 – 15 minutes.

Option 2:

  1. Take a bus to Olongapo. (Victory Liner Bus)
  2. From Olongapo terminal, take a bus going to Sta. Cruz, Zambales.
  3. Go down at Uacon Town Plaza.
  4. Take a tricycle to the jump-off to Potipot Island.
  5. Take a boat to Potipot Island. The travel time is about 10 – 15 minutes.

Note: Buses don’t have a lot of schedule for Sta Cruz, Zambales route.
Upon arrival, you will be “tag-registered” and get to choose where you want to stay. You can hire tents or if you want, chairs and tables are available.
Immediately, after we fixed our things, we lost no time to discover the island. The island is just small you can entirely explore it with less than 30 minutes.
Every corner of the island, you can experience the charming white/light brown sand beach and you can witness its breathtaking scenery.
The southwestern part of the island you can see coral rocks and a large driftwood for photo ops.
The northern part of the island is best for swimming.
There are numerous trees too, which provide shade.
The island undergone little commercialization, but still, you can feel the serenity and its natural form.
Aside from the clear waters, and fine powdery sand, here are the list of what to expect and to explore there:

  1. Generators power the place. But do not worry, phone reception is strong.
  2. There are no fancy hotels and inn available; you can rent native cottages or tents. (You can bring your own tent too.)
  3. There are plenty comfort rooms around the area, water source are from deep wells.
  4. If you visit for a day tour, bring your power banks and charge your phones.
  5. There is a small canteen in the island; there are ice cream & souvenir vendors too.
  6. Bring your own hydration.
  7. Bring your own food. The ones sold on the island are somewhat expensive. You can buy it in Uacon public market or bring a packed lunch.
  8. There are many employees in the island; they can help you when you ask for assistance.


  • Beach Volleyball.
  • Kayaking.
  • Bamboo Rafting.
  • Photo Ops. You can take perfect landscape photos or unleash your inner modeling skills, pose and project all the way for a best travel photo.
  • Snorkel. There are snorkeling spots in here, but only a few fishes can be seen.
  • Relax.The place is just too perfect for relaxation, the pleasant beach, the plenty trees and the formidable view of mountain ranges. The island is not crowded, so you can enjoy a moment of peace.
  • Wait for the Sunset. It is one of the best free things in the world.


  • Transportation: (we came from Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga)

Dau to Olongapo = 221PHP

Olongapo to Uacon Plaza = 317PHP

Tricycle form Uacon Plaza to boat jump-off = 30PHP

Boat to Potipot Island = 400PHP (good for 6 persons)

  • Accommodation:

Tent: P250 for 2 person

  • Food: We brought our own packed lunch.
  • Entrance Fees:

Daytrip = 100PHP per person

Overnight = 300PHP per person

*Entrance Fee- 300 Daytour / 500 Overnight

Note: The only way in & out of the island is through boat, so contact a boatman. You can contact ate Sha Dacanay who assisted us in our boat: 09480043620
Going to this place is easy and very affordable. The island is idyllic and peaceful. Unplanned trips are the best, and Potipot Island proved this right.


More Photos:

When we visit a place, let us all adhere to the motto: “Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time. Leave nothing but footprints.”
If you have questions, ask me! Feel free to leave comment in the comment box. Thank you for reading. Please check my other blog entries too! 🙂

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